The KH. Triad is a conceptual artwork that proposes a “how” for those wishing to change the world. The Triad addresses the premise of “changing the world” by starting from scratch and by exposing three interconnected distinct artworks. Below, we define these three artworks with their corresponding conceptual characteristics and their practical interactive tools with the audience.

Elements of The KH. Triad.

1- The Priceless Object: It criticises the socioeconomic system by representing the system with a mud-moulded sculpture and a Manifesto. Its only purpose, as a physical object, is to be the most expensive available object. Its value is of nine hundred billions of American dollars (US$ 900,000,000,000) during its presentation in the Luxemburg Art Prize 2019.

2- Devaes: Artistic proposal for the creation and development of the supranationality. Devaes presents an anthem, a flag, a passport and a Manifesto. Devaes receives the initial budget for the economy of the Supranation from the Priceless Object artwork.  

3- Just give me internet: This is a graphic piece and a Manifesto. It presents the superlative principle of the individual responsibility as a synonym of freedom. Just give me internet represents this principle within the graphic art of the proposal.

The KH. Triad proposes the practical use of art during everyday life. It indicates that this entire artwork would be only an eccentricity if it did not have the minimal conditions for its implementation by third parties. Accordingly, The KH. Triad tools to allow the interaction with the audience are the following:

1 The Priceless Object: it translates and issues its monetary value through a cryptocoin. The Manifesto of The Priceless Object also specifies its perpetuity as the most expensive object in the world.

2- Devaes: it receives the cryptocoin issued by the priceless object as an initial budget to create a fiduciary reserve and its own currency. It presents an identity and interactive mechanism called “the Devaes Passport”.

3-   Just Give Me Internet: It presents the graphic image for the interacting people of the proposal.  

The KH. Triad proposes as a dichotomy that if  the author is the only interactor within the artwork, its conceptual purpose would have been achieved. However, If the artwork extends and it is taken massively by the public audience, it achieves its practical purpose.

All the activities related to the development of the proposal are being registered in a public  log book to expose its development as a proposal from scratch.

The Triad KH. defines “changing the world” as an improvement of the standards of living of humanity as species and its sustainability with the environment. The protagonist of the artwork is the individual and its direct interaction with the artwork.

It is not related to any political or religious  affiliation, any government or public or private company

Inventory of the conceptual artwork, KH. Triad:


1. Sculpture: “Priceless Object”

2. Literary pieces:

 – Priceless Object Manifiesto

 – Devaes Manifiesto

 – Just Give Me Internet Manifiesto

3. Graphic images: Devaes flag, “just give me internet” image

4. Musical pieces: devaes anthem

5. Other literary pieces: “Devaes history” poem

6. Technical pieces: white paper document “Priceless Object” V1.0