Just Give Me Internet Manifest

“Just Give Me Internet Manifest”


The longed Freedom should be massively understood. It is an issue that should be of absolute popular domain. It is a responsibility to understand it as a responsibility. That is freedom.

The invitation is to understand freedom massively as a synonym of individual responsibility. As massive as enjoying a dance, a song, a meal in good company. The  time of the assumption of defining freedom as a licence to act without major consequences and be tolerated is over.

The exploitation of limited resources, the interconnectivity among villages and cities, the fate of the current levels of consciousness, which are lacking of any evidence, and the differences of judgement about how to live and perform life are offering every possibility for a disaster.

On behalf a misunderstood and poorly interpreted freedom, numerous crimes and injustices have been committed. Therefore, understanding popularly such freedom as a synonym of responsibility is formally corresponding.

Confusing, intermingling or interchanging the essence of both concepts. Thinking about responsibility when the person visualises the benefits of freedom. Remembering that responsibility and its consequences are the price of freedom and it is what makes us free.

Some cultures have accepted that responsibility as a synonym of blame. For this reason, it is difficult for some people to understand that responsibility does not load blame implicitly but rather it is the capacity to respond for ourselves.

The fear as a mechanism of control is one of the most utilised elements through human history. The illusion of freedom has been craftily offered at the expense of losing our individual capacity to respond by ourselves and granting our own power to third parties.

However, are these concepts semantically interchangeable? No. Not completely. A preceding step is required: Analysis. It is worth having had minimal judgement to understand responsibility as freedom. For example, it does not feel the same to have the responsibility to perform a job than to have the freedom to perform a job.

In the first case, the person feels obligation and difficulty in making a decision differing from the delivery commitment. In the second case, it is common to interpret that the delivery is optional, subject to an easy refusal from that who is responsible.

The proposed interchange is not possible. It suits here to begin exploring more deeply within a total dimension of the longed freedom where the intervention of the purest conscience is the key to overcome any semantics and make the freedom closer to the totality of its meaning. This happens in any individual purpose and every decision made.

It is commonly said that if an idea cannot be explained simply, it is not well understood. As such, what happens when entire civilisations are ruled by ambiguous concepts?

How do millions of thousands of people understand the longed freedom when it is taught in books and schools without the implicit responsibility in all its meanings? Could this explain the everyday conflicts of our societies?

Could this help us understand our history of armed insurrections for so much evil manipulation of language as criticised by The Priceless Object? And finally, such cognitive bias about the responsibility offered by the meaning of freedom, who will have the responsibility of fixing this? Who will take the liberty?

Almost with complete certainty, it could be said that the worst acts have been committed in the name of freedom. Though, during these acts the responsibility of that who perpetrates or follows it is not acknowledged.

The finger is always pointed at some scapegoat, some external enemy, ethnic group, some collective ideology, financial mechanism, ancestral traditions, grudgy inherits of the most variety of colours. The responsibility is not understood as freedom, and the room for conflicts is becoming less. The capacity for damage becomes greater each time, endured and extended.

Of course, every language and culture offers variants. It  is emphasised that at least in the Western culture, the meaning of freedom with the possibility of dissociating it from its natural responsibility, is commonly accepted. It would already be part of some other tendencies to indicate the variants related to Eastern  cultures.

Nevertheless, it is the purpose of these lines to indicate a posture about the longed freedom, about the responsibility as its other side  of the coin, about the non delegable character of responsibility and particularly, about the raise of this concept to ad infinitum and to new areas of the commonly known. All of this is to be transparent for everybody, for the masses, for the people and for the everyday occurring. For everyone.

After receiving the manifestos of the Priceless Object and Devaes and considering the superlative condition of the most expensive object in the world and its supranational proposal, this brief document is of same nature than its two predecessors. It comes from the responsibility towards the longed freedom and of how it could not be delegated.

Making of freedom something of our own, as the major yearning of conscious beings where human qualities are already evolved from the most beastly and dense of said yearning. The era where the citizen title is offered to each  birth and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is taken.

The criticism is taken along a sculpture of clay. It is taken along Devaes and its proposal. The criticism is  taken by manifesting that the own territory is within a world and the Devaes citizenship is received. It is taken by tracing. The Voting Power and the Purchasing Power  are joined.

The only wish is internet. The white glasses are worn to be able to see the real world. A pause is made for the remembered grief, for the lost lives and lived injustices. A moment remains in the pause regarding the caused grief, the suffered grief and the living grief. During this pause, the other grief is recognised as our own and our own as the grief of others.

What has been learned is left in this pause beside the  leaving of the ephemeral and illusory beauties, the pride of the flamboyance and the ruined gesture. This pause is presented at will, to rest after going for so long, to rest from all pride, from every prejudice. In other words,  the pause is presented to rest from the facade.

A pause is made for every learned quality, for any intellect wonders. A pause is made for the temple of reason.

A pause is presented for any Vendetta, for any complaint, for any first and last name. A pause is presented for any birth and death, for any non-accepted old age, anonymity, for any new cry and any glory.

During a pause, everyone speaks all the languages.

All the nationalities and understandings are possessed. The hearing is subjugated by the singing of all the lands. During a pause, the tiredness of the sight and the fear of the sense of smell are rested. The absolute power is rested.

A pause that interrupts insomnia and hunger, each flag and every anthem. To the pain of all beings who feel. To the good and the bad. Within that star of mine, within that pause, it fits in full the freedom of all that is visible and what is not. It is then presented, from that pause, the freedom of all freedoms.

The complete dimension for understanding the longed freedom. A dimension which is small for Devaes, however, it is enough to develop conscience. The principle that overcomes it. The non-delegable, superlative and individual  responsibility as a synonym of freedom.

The longed  freedom, massively understood and of popular domain, enjoyed as a dance, a song or a meal in good company. Responsibility understood as responsibility:

Humanity above all things.

Free translation from spanish original