“Devaes Manifest”

I have received a handful of earth.  Engraved and moulded. With a particular meaning and value. Taken from the remains of a place that suffered the consequences of a dangerous era. It has the only premise of being the most expensive existing object, and those reading this in a distant future will find that it was assigned an initial value they consider modest, but that it was enough for the prosperous and conscious society as they will know to become a reality.

I have received a symbol. A criticism of the system, I have received a sculpture. A powerful instrument. Something that of its nature cannot overcome itself. Nothing could be more expensive if it already previously exists only to be the most expensive, perpetually.

I have received such significance within a sculpture, and proclaim to have received it in favour of all those who long for freedom. I have honored the sculpture received by elaborating a proposal to add to it that is open, public, and for all of those wanting to partake. Partake in the permanent challenge of being free, on its behalf, on everyone’s behalf.

In this way, the criticism, named The Priceless Object, was received within a handful of earth, engraved and moulded. And the proposal, that is artistic, in virtue of all those who long for freedom and understand it  to be synonym of responsibility, begin to go together.

Those reading this in a distant future should know, that  a name was given to a proposal that was meaningless for its  time, but that each and everyone of you now know as part of your identity.

That is how Devaes was born.

Devaes was born to consider universal problems and challenges unable to be treated from a exclusively local and short term perspective. Devaes was born because of the need to compensate people during their pursuits of balance in relation to corporations and governments.

Due to the need to audit them permanently, because unsupervised governments and corporations generally pursuit individual interests and are able to take actions against those who are part of the society. Even, in the most extreme cases like the one of the Priceless Object earth, where these particular interests do not prevent from people extermination. That is why it was a dangerous era.

Devaes was born as an end of the indolence, of the apathy, of the consideration of the foreign world. Devaes was born from the paradox of the tolerance , from the learning  of setting the limits , from the freedom understood as a synonym of individual and non-delegable responsibility. Devaes was born due to the need to manage the natural resources in a sustainable way for all the species including humans. Regarding this humanity, Devaes took the supra constitutionality conferred by the declaration of Human Rights and make it its maximum authority following its collective nature and the superlative and economic premise of The Priceless Object.

I have received a symbol in favour of all those yearning freedom, and honoured it by making a flag which commemorates and immortalises this symbol by its inclusion in the design . This flag was given to Devaes and now it is yours, as is the sculpture. The composition of an anthem was then of immediate correspondence for the symbol to  be interpreted in favour of such yearn for freedom. It was corresponding to overcome this era and to live without time. In this way, the symbol was delivered.

Then, a unique and already existing legal figure was established with these symbols in favour of those believing that freedom had to be achieved and to be able to take for granted this artistic proposal.

An organization with the same name was established. Every symbol was granted to this organization in character of permanent custody and this organization received the irrevocable right to serve everyone, to make them their own as an emancipation of people and as a part of a universal society.

Every symbol was given to Devaes and thereby this artistic proposal was also given to reach the dreaming ideal of freedom. Everyone manifested himself to welcome anyone willing to be part of Devaes and become a Citizen in order to consummate and expose Devaes to the plots of earth during these dangerous eras. The passport of universal citizenship of Devaes was presented.

The passport of universal citizenship of Devaes – or simply the Devaes Passport- was conceived to give identity and supranational interaction to holders without resigning to previous nationalities.

There were other functionalities that other passports did not understand, of such magnitude that surpasses communication equipment. Similar freedom would not have been possible without full, intrinsic and economic independence.

Thus, after overcoming any ideological interpretation of the past eras expressed in its own Manifesto, The Priceless Object: symbol moulded in earth with critical character of being the most expensive thing eternally, is granted to Devaes: An economic means for the implementation of The Priceless Object economy using its own reserve currency to be transacted by Citizens though the Devaes Passport as a wallet.

Then, after occurring  the permanent custody of The Priceless Object by Devaes to initiate the currency: The devaes, along the creation of its own flag, anthem and passport and after being ruled by the first instance by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and then by constitutions and Magna Cartas, it only remains an open invitation to those craving freedom as a synonym of individual responsibility. In other words, to become a Devaes Citizen.

But, Where does an artistic proposal cross the borderline of what we call “reality”, “everydayness”, “non-art”?  So much has now been said and written about art and its usefulness that these will not be the lines to keep exposing this debate. Here, simply “the how” is offered to everyone wishing to change the world. The borderline between the “art” and the “non-art” is given by the contribution of a still-not- mentioned and additional symbolism. It was not contributed by The Priceless Object or Devaes or any of their elements/symbols. It is external and should be contributed by everyone wishing to participate.

Every person will be able to request his/her Devaes Citizenship when he/she declares its country as a region within Devaes through a public manifestation as a voluntary act.

Each declaration makes reality this artwork.

For example, Venezuelans request their Devaes citizenship by declaring Venezuela as a region within Devaes. Frenchmen request their Devaes citizenship by declaring France as a region within Devaes, Americans request their Devaes citizenship by declaring the United States as a region within Devaes. Germans request their Devaes citizenship by declaring Germany as a region within Devaes.

For future readers of these lines: Country was the name of every political entity which delimited a territory, its politics and laws.

Once issued the declaration, the constitutional obligations and the aforementioned nationality of the requester remain intact. However, from then on, there is a more complex dynamic in favour of every organised civic society in areas where they did not have any access previously. There is a sense of belonging of every person to The Human Rights, to civility standards, to corporations, to the environment and to the transparency of public administration including electoral campaigns.

Every region increases the  expectation level regarding having better standards for those who did not have them. Every citizen, from every region,  is able to contribute to the development of supranational standards. To this effect, Devaes presents an artistic element or tool to enable the interaction among Citizens: The Trace.

As the activity done by children where they draw on translucent paper a drawing base as a guide, the Devaes citizen is invited to manifest every activity of his/her interest framed into the aforementioned legislations. These activities should be able to be expressed in time and space. This act is called “to trace in Devaes” and it is the mode of expression among citizens. The means to carry it out is the Devaes Passport, which would be the translucent paper during the previous example, and through this universal document all the realities in all the regions of the citizens are manifested. The territories of the regions would be the base drawing in the example.

Devaes consolidates in the territories as a supranation through the Trace.

For example, people interested in riding bikes could trace when and where they do this activity. They can share experiences with other citizens in other regions and demand similar regulations and standards. They trade using the same currency, they raise the same flying flag. The creation possibilities are infinite.

They have power.

From nothing, from a handful of earth inherited from freedom cravings, Devaes was created. In the long term, Devaes was constituted as the primary identity for every village or place. However, this is known only by the readers of this Manifesto in the far future.

They are a living part of an artwork. It is their reality, it is their history.

Devaes History

“Since the water is river

The rock became earth

The moon is not the sun

And the air taught us

To breathe,

Devaes people have existed

Have created and today have honoured

The world with a nation

-unique and magnanimous-

Of infinite power

That transcends every

Known history

And that is why its logic

Resides in a poem”

Free translation from spanish original