“Harassment & Indifference”


“Twisted, unclear characters are involved in a highly judgmental environment. Three of the characters are on the same level of communication.
The first one, on the left, a red body full of judgment that comes from personal doubts and downsides, wants to control the second character.
The second character stares at the first trying to escape judgment. The attitude of childish submission and conformity are represented by a red rectangle at his base.
A third character with a split head of encountered feelings and judgment stays cautiously at a distance although he is perceived as part of the control scene. A fourth tree is keeping to himself, trying to remain neutral in the violet rectangle on the dark body”


Fine canvas limited edition signed & certified print

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“Harassment & Indifference” (Bottom Side View)

“Harassment & Indifference” (Corner)

“Harassment & Indifference” (Top Side View)

“Harassment & Indifference” (Right Side View)

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"Seeds Series"


"Earth's Colors Palette"


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